A Proper Memorial for Joe Keaton

Joe Keaton, husband to Myra, and patriarch of the Keaton family, was born on July 6, 1867 and passed away on January 13, 1946.  He is buried in an unmarked grave in Inglewood, California.  We are raising money to pay for the creation and placement of a proper headstone.

To put a fine point on it, we need $1,689.74.  

(Adding in fees for the fundraising site, and a bit more for any minor costs that come up, let's call it $2,000.)

Our goal is to raise these funds in TWO DAYS!. We begin on the morning of Monday, May 7th and hope to be funded by the morning of Wednesday, May 9th.

After 72 years, what's the rush?  We are trying to get this created and placed in time for our Keaton Weekend (June 15-17).  While we can't promise that we will make the deadline, we do know that the only way to possibly make it is to have the funds in place this week.

Joe gave us Buster.  Let's give him this.

Joe Keaton is buried in, in this unmarked gravesite.

Joe Keaton is buried in, in this unmarked gravesite.



Jessica Wahl  has been writing Silence is Platinum, a blog dedicated to silent film actors and actresses, since 2010. Her years of working as a librarian has helped polish her research skills and she has worked as a source of information for genealogy researchers, the Library of Congress and silent film fans. Since late 2017 she has been slowly working on turning the blog into a podcast. Three podcast episodes are available through the blog, iTunes and SoundCloud. She has also gained a reputation for knowing "where the bodies are buried," so to speak. Grave hunting (locating and visiting the graves of stars of the past) has turned from a hobby into an ongoing mission to ensure that those who have passed are remembered. In 2014 she donated funds to purchase a headstone for silent film actress Florence La Badie in New York. In the summer of 2016 she began a campaign to raise funds to purchase a headstone for the unmarked grave of silent film actress Katherine Grant. She currently has a list of roughly 20+ actors and actresses from the silent era who lie in unmarked graves in various Los Angeles cemeteries and is very excited to soon be able to add Joseph Keaton's name to the list of those she has helped get marked.