In October, 2018, the word “Keatonesque” was added to The Oxford English Dictionary:

Keatonesque, adj

Pronunciation:: Brit./,ki:tE'n(esk/, U.S. / ,kitn'Esk/

Frequency (in current use) 2/8

Origin: From a proper name, combined with an English element. Etymons: proper name , Keaton, -ESQUE suffix.

Etymolgy: < the name of Joseph Frank 'Buster' Keaton (1895-1966), U.S. comic actor and film-maker + ESQUE suffix.


Of or relating to the comic actor and film-maker Buster Keaton; resembling or characteristic of his films or style of comedy.

Keaton is best known for his silent films, characterized by physical comedy performed with a consistently stoical, deadpan expression.

E.-L. Squier in Picture-play Mag. July 68/1 All around the white walls of the perfectly antiseptic room various sign cards were posted, all typically Keatonesque.

Observer 12 Oct 33/6 Mr. Webb's timing is really very expert: he maintains a cool, Keatonesque restraint so that Roger's sexual enocunters are chastely as well as genuinely amusing.

N.Y. Times 27 June 72/3 Martin Kersels achieves cinematic effect in still photography, using seequential images to show his Arbucklian bulk executing Keatonesque pratfalls on the Los Angeles sidewalk.

R. Jackson Fade in, Crossroads 118 Pete Ginotta wearsa a straw hat and a deadpan expression in the best Keatonesque tradition.