Join the International Buster Keaton Society!

Benefits include:

  • Subscription to The Keaton Chronicle (published quarterly)
  • Announcements about Keaton film and television showings
  • Discounts on Keaton merchandise and Convention registration
  • and more!

Family Plans:

  • For only $10.00 more, we'll include any other Keaton enthusiasts living at the same address.
  • Each member will receive a membership card with their name on it
  • At Convention time, each Damfino under the household plan will receive a discount on registration, when one is offered.

Individual Plan (United States): $35.00 / year

Family Plan (United States): $45.00 / year

Individual Plan (Canada): $40.00 / year

Family Plan (Canada): $50.00 / year

Individual Plan (Outside the U.S. and Canada): $50.00 / year

Family Plan (Outside the U.S. and Canada): $60.00 / year